For a Luxury Sedan, the New Genesis G80 Bests the Lexus GS 350

The luxury wings of popular Asian automakers make some of the best high-end vehicles, which is what anybody shopping at our Charlotte area Genesis dealership expects. Our smaller of two flagship sedans, the new Genesis G80, offers a variety of engine setups with a wealth of standard features and amenities, all at a cost that other popular luxury brands blow right by, while usually offering less in terms of technology and perks.

Genesis, branching off from the Hyundai brand, has done it right with its new sedans like the G80. You won't spend nearly as much as the highly renown German luxury brands command, all while having a delightful setup for your travels around Concord, Mooresville and Huntersville. To compare the new G80 to another luxury car that's similar in setup and style, we're looking at the new Lexus GS 350, and seeing how our midsized sedan stacks up. Ready through the comparison below, then visit us from Harrisburg or Cornelius to find a new kind of luxury vehicle for your travels around North Carolina and beyond.


Genesis G80 vs Lexus GS 350 Comparison in Concord, NC

  • Like with its parent brand, Genesis knows how to do warranties. Practically every kind of warranty coverage that comes standard with the new G80 is offered for more months and mileage (lasting until whichever comes first) that what you'll get with the new GS 350. This is for your basic warranty, powertrain protection and corrosion and perforation damage.
  • A luxury car should be comfortable for all, and with 107.7 cubic feet of total passenger space, the new Genesis G80 offers more than the 88 cubic feet of passenger room in the GS 350. This is especially apparent for the front two seats with way more leg and head room for the driver and front passenger, which is ideal for the midsized G80, which you'll mostly be using to commute solo without too many riders in back.
  • Luxury cars are similar in setups and with their feature offerings, and you'll have a hard time parsing through the few differences between the G80 and GS 350. But where the Genesis model excels is with the brand's unique perks, ranging from connected services, a handy mobile app, regular tech system updates and much more. Lexus most likely offers some ownership benefits, but our program is simply the best for Charlotte area drivers.


The New Genesis G90 Stacks Up Favorably to the Lexus LS 460

A large, full-sized luxury sedan can be the perfect kind of classy car for business trips and meetings, nights out on the town and simply driving your family around Charlotte, Cornelius, Harrisburg or anywhere else in North Carolina. If that's the vehicle style you seek, choose wisely with the amazing new Genesis G90, a gorgeous sedan that offers several engine options, some great ownership perks, and the style and technology you'd expect out of a luxury car.

A similar full-sized luxury sedan is the new Lexus LS 460, which, for starters, will already cost more than a similarly equipped G90. To give you an idea of the Genesis advantage, read through this comparison between these two luxury sedans, then make your way on over tour Concord Genesis dealership from Huntersville or Mooresville today for a test drive.


New Genesis G90 vs Lexus LS 460 in Concord, NC

  • When comparing the V-8 version of the G90 - while a V-6 and turbocharged V-6 are also available - to the LS 460, the Genesis full-sized sedan outperforms the Lexus competitor, earning 420 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque, compared to 386 horsepower and 367 pound-feet of torque.
  • Interior space is certainly important with any kind of vehicle, but full-sized luxury sedans really have to make it count, and you'll find the G90 has much more room for passengers than the Lexus model. Both front and rear legroom is more ample in the G90 than the LS 460, while dimensions are carefully laid out for better leg, head and shoulder room throughout.
  • An investment in a luxury car is a big deal, and having the best warranty coverage could be what sets the G90 apart from competitors like the LS 460. For everything from your powertrain, to the corrosion and rust-through coverage, the Genesis cars you find here in Concord give you longer protection periods if something unexpected breaks down or needs to be replaced.